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A town of southern Switzerland at the northern end of Lake Maggiore. The Locarno Pact between Germany and various European powers was signed here in 1925, in an effort to promote peace and maintain existing territorial borders. Today the city is a popular resort.


(Italian loˈkarno)
(Placename) a town in S Switzerland, in Ticino canton at the N end of Lake Maggiore: tourist resort. Pop: 14 561 (2000)


(loʊˈkɑr noʊ)

a town in S Switzerland, on Lake Maggiore: resort. 15,300.
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ISLAMABAD -- The Open Doors section of the Locarno Film Festival has invited applications from Pakistani film makers to attend the festival and avail opportunities for collaboration and exchange at this international platform.
ISLAMABAD -- Head of the Locarno Film Festival on Tuesday invited filmmakers to the festival and said the event will provide an opportunity for people connected to the film industry to share their experiences and benefit from the work being done across the world.
She entered show business when she was 21, singing with a dance band in the Locarno in Leeds.
She described the film, which debuted at the A-list Locarno fest last year, as 'poetic.
Recent cooperation was seen at the beginning of August at the annual Locarno Festival in Switzerland (a festival founded in 1946 and one of the longest-running film festivals in the world, which follows the Cannes and Berlin Festivals, with one of the biggest film festival and industry attendances) where Baltic Cinema highlighted films from Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania.
GENEVA: "Godless," Bulgarian director Ralitza Petrova's dark debut film, scooped the coveted Golden Leopard prize at the Locarno film festival in Switzerland on Saturday.
the areas which enforce this ban in the canton include Lugano, Locarno, Magadino, Bellinzona, Ascona and Mendrisio.
Kleists Bettelweib von Locarno tragt fur mich wenigstens das Entsetzlichste in sich, was es geben mag, und doch, wie einfach ist die Erfindung
With the exception of Edgbaston's Tower Ballroom, which began life as a skating rink before dispensing with the ice in the 1920s, the city's dance halls are long gone now - the West End Ballroom, Tony's, the Locarno, Madame Amy's and the Palais de Danse.
Fast forward and the action - and the hairstyles - had changed drastically and the Locarno was reborn with a new name and a few new perms