Loch Achray

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Noun1.Loch Achray - a lake in central Scotland
Scotland - one of the four countries that make up the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland; located on the northern part of the island of Great Britain; famous for bagpipes and plaids and kilts
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Beyond Loch Achray the A821 continues for several miles alongside Loch Venachar and the Great Trossachs Forest.
No parking will be in place on the A821 around Loch Achray from 9am until the race has passed through the area, expected to be around 1pm.
Along with a number of private campsites throughout the park, two new campsites opened in the last two years at Loch Chon and Loch Achray in the Trossachs, offering a smaller, more natural camping experience in stunning locations but with the added comforts of set pitches, parking, water and toilets.?
A new site, Loch Achray, near Aberfolye, is also set to open later this summer.
Staff at the Loch Achray Hotel in Callander arranged for the couple to be transported by taxi back to their home in Gnosall, Stafford, but on their arrival Mrs Francis could not be roused and later died.
Main roads which were closed due to flooding included the A84 between Kilmahog and Lochearnheard and between Doune and Callander; the A821 between Brig O' Turk and Loch Achray Hotel; the A81 at Gartmore; the A883 between Bogtown roundabout and Denny; and the A873 between Thornhill and Aberfoyle - as well as a number of minor roads.
A shorter day of 12 miles to Callander traces a route through forestry south-west of Loch Achray and along the northern shore of Loch Venachar.
Stirling Council's priority gritting system gives precedence to all A class roads - except the A821 near David Marshall Lodge and the Loch Achray Hotel.
An upgraded path easily leads walkers from a car park on the A821, by pretty Loch Achray, to reach the 454m summit.
Clare Comiskey, a public health lawyer at Irwin Mitchell, said: "Norma and John booked their seven-day stay at Loch Achray Hotel to enjoy a relaxing break, never imagining it could have ended in such tragedy.
Deep thinker Catriona Thomson, Killearn, took this at Loch Achray