Lochaber ax

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Noun1.Lochaber ax - a battle-ax formerly used by Scottish HighlandersLochaber ax - a battle-ax formerly used by Scottish Highlanders
battle-ax, battle-axe - a broadax used as a weapon
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Dressed in full Highland regalia and armed with eight-foot pikes and Lochaber axes, the men are led on their march by the Lonach Pipe Band, creating a stirring sight and sound in the morning air as they parade through picturesque Strathdon.
Around 200 men of all ages drawn from the glen and armed with Lochaber axes and pikes, join the march from Belabeg to Lonach Hall in a 175 year tradition.
Among them are Lochaber axes, broadswords, muskets with bayonets, and pikes which have tassels attached to mop up the blood of victims.