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a headland; promontory; cape.
[before 900; Middle English -nes(se) (in place names), in part continuing Old English næs, in part < Old Norse nes]


a suffix attached to adjectives and participles, forming abstract nouns denoting quality and state (and often, by extension, something exemplifying a quality or state): darkness; goodness; obligingness; preparedness.
[Middle English, Old English -nes, -nis, c. Old High German -nessi, Gothic -nassus; suffix orig. *-assus; -n- by false division of words with adj. and past participle stems ending in -n-; compare Old English efnes (later efen-nys) evenness]


Loch, a lake in SW Scotland, near Inverness. 23 mi. (37 km) long.
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Noun1.Loch Ness - a lake in the Scottish highlandsLoch Ness - a lake in the Scottish highlands; the largest body of fresh water in Great Britain
Scotland - one of the four countries that make up the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland; located on the northern part of the island of Great Britain; famous for bagpipes and plaids and kilts
Loch Ness monster, Nessie - a large aquatic animal supposed to resemble a serpent or plesiosaur of Loch Ness in Scotland
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This channel, which was discovered by Captain Fitz Roy during the last voyage, is a most remarkable feature in the geography of this, or indeed of any other country: it may be compared to the valley of Lochness in Scotland, with its chain of lakes and friths.
The extensive renovation of the Victorian-built Dochgarroch Village Hall is now complete after developers LochNess by Jacobite took over the building with the view to creating a base for visitors to embark on their journeys along the loch.
These include the Lochness, a multishape bike lock that's lightweight yet durable.
A playful sliding tray distinguishes the Piero Lissoni-designed Lochness cabinet for Cappellini, which is crafted of wood and lacquered panels, and comes in a range of colors and sizes.