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a system of collecting funds offered to companies by banksa metal box with a lock for storing valuables



1. a strongbox.
2. a rented post-office box equipped with a lock.
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Noun1.lockbox - a fireproof metal strongbox (usually in a bank) for storing valuableslockbox - a fireproof metal strongbox (usually in a bank) for storing valuables
deedbox, strongbox - a strongly made box for holding money or valuables; can be locked
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They come with a 1,500-pound-rated four-foot cable to secure the lock box inside a vehicle or to a large piece of furniture.
The Locking Box is a specially designed safety lock box meant to prevent the unauthorized removal of power cables, GPS cables and SD cards for copying or deleting the recorded image.
Contract notice: Renovate lock box 3 of the lock unit 1 clevering locks.
A good place to start is a lock box that can be tethered to something solid so it can't be easily removed.
The investigation by the commission has revealed that MRI did not use the lock box account as it explained to clients.
She is obviously relying on Al Gore's lock box theory on Social Security.
The campaign will run across Libra tampon lines, inviting consumers to look inside their click lock box for a chance to win AUD 10,000.
Unlock from the sleeve and SafeBOX slides out and is now a portable lock box.
com, which basically allows individuals and small businesses to store their vital information in a virtual lock box on the Internet.
Lock Box Ability/Automatic Check Debiting: Rent receivables mailed to a banks PO Box.
An excellent way to ensure fast deposits of payments is for the practice to use a lock box.