Lock plate

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a plate to which the mechanism of a gunlock is attached.

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According to a MEC press release on Sunday, there is some defect in the lock plate of the front RH spring shackle pin of the vehicle.
Use a long punch to reach through an opening in the right side of the stock and tap the rear of the left lock plate (#3L) lightly until it can be removed from the frame--exactly as you did with the right lock plate.
Tenders are invited for Lock Plate A, B And Holding Plate In Set For Lock Unit Of Grs Apparatus Case.
2 Triangular Lock Plate For Hitachi Tm As Per Drg No.
Tenders are invited for Set Of Lock Plate For Pivot Ring And Housing Ring As Per Clw Drg.
Tenders are invited for Kit Of Loco Plate For Zdm3 Loco 3 Items 1 Axle Lock Plate Drg No.
I Hatm C/E Bearing Stopper Bolt Lock Plate As Per Drg.