Locomotive boiler

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a boiler which contains an inclosed fire box and a large number of small flues leading to the chimney.

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Ruling on the defendants' motions to dismiss and for judgment on the pleadings for failure to state a claim, the district court rejected Ward's claims by holding that another federal law, the Locomotive Boiler Inspection Act (LIA), 49 U.S.C.
When the 1952 edition of the ASME Locomotive Boiler Code--Section 111 of the Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code--was issued, it was the last formal Code acknowledgement of steam locomotive construction.
Some little while after the wreck, I was in the car that was being used as a hospital car and I saw a man I had known quite well, but that day I didn't recognize him at all because he had been in the head coach and had been literally cooked alive by the steam of the exploding locomotive boiler. He did not survive.
(The locomotive boiler exploded.) The first truly successful traction engine was the famous Rocket, built by George Stephenson in 1829.
Part II discusses the development of the FELA and its associated acts, the Safety Appliance Act, md the Locomotive Boiler Inspection Act.
Following a request from locomotive boiler stakeholders, BPV I formed the Subgroup on Locomotive Boilers in February 2010.
Garnett also states that the tubes should be removed from locomotive boilers at the 10-year examination.
Fred began working at Lampton, Hetton and Joicey Railway Division as a young man and was based at the Philadelphia Workshop in Houghton-le-Spring as a boiler washer, where he was responsible for removing the asbestos bricks which lined the locomotive boilers and cleaning the asbestos debris with a high pressure hose.
Locomotive boilers will normally require removal from the locomotive frames.
The nuclear Code, Williams wrote, took the name Section III, because that had once designated a section of the Code for locomotive boilers, and as he put it, that section "had become defunct."