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n.1.(Zool.) The capelin.
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The small team of 13 youngsters were left in short supply against much bigger sides, but they got through a group stage which included CD Toledo of Spain, Kevlavik of Iceland and FC Lodde of Sweden thanks to the goals of Jamie Leeming and Joe Dykings.
What puzzles me is that you sit in a government with a strategy to cut taxes," said Jorgen Rasmusson, CEO of Lodde Plat, a construction company based in Malmo.
Massimo Crosse took the gold in the trap with 14 hits out of 16, Private Luigi Lodde won the skeet title with a 100 per cent score of 16 in the final.
The order covers delivery of prefabricated building materials for a residential project of 20 apartments in Lodde, Sweden.