Lodge gate

a park gate, or entrance gate, near the lodge. See Lodge, n., 1 (b).

See also: Lodge

References in classic literature ?
Joe was at the lodge gate; my master was at the hall door, for he had heard us coming.
"You will see a friend of mine waiting among the trees, on this side of the lodge gate," he said.
"I followed you back to the school; and, on pretense of having a daughter to educate, I got one of Miss Ladd's prospectuses from the porter at the lodge gate. I was in your neighborhood, you must know, on a sketching tour.
I am considering whether I had better wait here for the arrival of the messenger from London, or slip away quietly, and watch for him outside the lodge gate.
I went out, as I had proposed, to meet the messenger with my letter from London at the lodge gate. On the stairs I saw no one.
Nearly all the inmates of the prison had assembled to witness its removal; they fell back on either side when the widower appeared; he walked hurriedly forward, and stationed himself, alone, in a little railed area close to the lodge gate, from whence the crowd, with an instinctive feeling of delicacy, had retired.
If he needed a sauce, Fate bestowed one upon him, for he was scarcely midway through his meal before a loud ringing at the lodge gates proved the accuracy of his conjectures.
Wemmick," said the turnkey, who kept us between the two studded and spiked lodge gates, and who carefully locked one before he unlocked the other, "what's Mr.
This time, as the distance was short, I did not mount, but ran with Dogger's stirrup-leather to the lodge gates and up the long, leafless, moonlit avenue to where the white line of the hall buildings looked on either hand on great old gardens.
Bauerstein explained how he had happened to be passing the lodge gates as the car came out, and had run up to the house as fast as he could, whilst the car went on to fetch Dr.
"We can go through the lodge gates at the back here.
Aside from these we have some fantastic built heritage like the medieval Blackfriars Friary remains, Grade II*-listed West Lodge gate house and ever-popular Animal Wall.