Lodging room

a room in which a person lodges, esp. a hired room.

See also: Lodging

References in classic literature ?
From the Grange,' I replied; 'and while they make me lodging room there, I want to finish my business with your master; because I don't think of having another opportunity in a hurry.
He is a kind friend to you, for he is going to give you lodging room here.
The pilot sites selected to participate are DOD installations/metro areas with more than 10,000 commercial lodging room nights annually.
The assignment has a twist: Mary has to not only dress as a boy, but also live the life of an impoverished boy by going hungry, sharing a lodging room with a man, and being willing to work and fight like a boy, without giving away her true identity.
FMWRC also generates revenue through Army lodging room charges.
Solicitation: Meeting room facilities from 2 may 2015 - 8 may 2015 to accommodate 150 participants for the pacific area special operations conference (pasoc) and lodging room services in honolulu hi
all proposals should be based on 80 persons but include individual per night pricing for lodging rooms & per person pricing for meals.
Brazil's Forca Nacional security apparatus, which provides security at the Games venues, is keeping mum on the crime surge but several reporters and photographers have complained of either being mugged and divested of cash or expensive equipment or of returning to lodging rooms already ransacked of valuables.
See the Swan and Maidenhead come back to life and meet a family of innkeepers going about their daily lives running the tavern's drinking parlour and lodging rooms.
Tri-C also offers a Lodging Rooms Division Certificate of Proficiency as part of its Hospitality Management program.
The Club's chief mission is to promote the general welfare of the men and women of the Armed Forces of the United States, it's Allies and their families, by maintaining and offering club and lodging rooms in it's 19th century brownstone located on Lexington Avenue.