v. i.1.To laugh.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Critics have frequently taken the Hecuba soliloquy as the articulation of Hamlet's famous delay in exacting revenge for his father's death: 'What would he do and if he had my loffe?' he exclaims about the actor who cries over Hecuba (F1r).
"To the twice-divorced Donald, Melania is terrific," Julia Loffe, who profiled Melania Trump for GQ, wrote last year.
Ed e deserta li la strada, non ci sono le voccole nei muri dove attaccano le cavezze delle bestie oppure ci sono, antiche e belle, incavate nelle bocche di mostri di pietra, ma ci vanno i bambini a far la ginnastica, non si vedono bestie ferme cariche di legna e di paglia, non ci sono tante galline e il fumo e i maiali che dormono e che fanno le loffe o che grugniscono e masticano il granoturco sotto il pezzo di sole.
(50.) See Julia Loffe, The Loneliness of Vladimir Putin, NEW REPUBLIC (Feb.
Mum Loffe has helped out by looking after her pup for six weeks - double the amount of time a mother seal would normally be expected to raise her young.
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(1) See, for example Genrikh Zinov 'evich loffe Krakhr rossiiskoi monarkhicheskoi kontrrevoliutsii (Moscow: Nauka, 1977), 308; and Leonid Mikhailovich Spirin, Krusheniepomeshchich "ikh i burzhuaznykb partii v Rossii (nachalo XX v.-1920 g.) (Moscow: Mysl', 1977), 254.
Photovoltaic Development and Installations with Sunlight Concentrators and Tandem Solar Cells, loffe Physico, Technical Institute St Petersburg, Russia.
IN the penultimate episode of the four-part series, let's hope the Scottish comedian has remembered his sea legs and packed his thermal undies as he boards the Russian cruise ship Akademik loffe to make an eight-day trip through the Northwest Passage.
(3) Words that resisted variation in all editions were the eye-rhymes coffe (cough) and loffe (laugh) at the end of a couplet in MND (TLN 425-6)--which suggests that successive compositors were sensitive to the spellings of their copy--and among others, some words which individual compositors would not usually encounter often enough to have a personal spelling of them.
Travel is aboard the refurbished research vessel Akademik loffe (1-800-363-7566 or www.adventurecanada.com/articOdyssey.htm).