Logarithmic spiral

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a spiral curve such that radii drawn from its pole or eye at equal angles with each other are in continual proportion. See Spiral.

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The motion produced by the lobed cam traces a logarithmic spiral, which looks like part of a snail's shell or an arm of a spiral galaxy (which gives the drive its name).
In a logarithmic spiral, this angle, the spiral's "camming angle," never varies.
Its shell forms a logarithmic spiral to accommodate the growth without changing shape.
Such a process will be illustrated by several examples, all more or less dealing with the exponential dependence, especially its manifestation through the shape of the logarithmic spiral, that will be solved by means of the free open source software GeoGebra [17] and wxMaxima [19].
This approach is put to a test by assigning each elementary particles mass a position on a logarithmic spiral.
22) The logarithmic spiral is thus closely connected to the Golden Ratio.
The choice of the models Logarithmic Spiral and Law of Damped Sinusoidal Oscillations (Savelov, 1960) was a personal reductionist approach to the study of forest growth and increment.
innovative application of a logarithmic spiral, representing the idea of an isomorphic growth, on the charts of stock indexes, to forecast basic trend changes on the market.
In articles associated with such diagrams, it is often stated, that the curve thus obtained approximates a logarithmic spiral of golden proportion.
The spiral representations of the data reminded us of the Fibonacci sequence and the logarithmic spiral, mathematical forms which can be found throughout nature in objects such as pinecones, pineapples, petals and branches from plant stems (Britannica, 2002).
The logarithmic spiral is also known as the growth spiral or the equiangular spiral.