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n. & v.1.See Lodge.
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Venturi, 1962; Giarrizzo, 1994) entro cui si ascrive tutta l'esperienza intellettuale di Filangieri, profondamente segnata dai rapporti esistenti all'interno di quella fitta trama di logge che avvolgeva ormai tutta Europa e aveva propaggini anche nel Nuovo Mondo (Ferrone, 2008).
Tortuga's Logge Booke Offe Inn Fan Ate Tayls Ande Hiss Komedie Off Herros, the book is a personal achievement and is full of his logs that were also uploaded to the geocaching website.
The stage direction at 1576 states that "Here pe kyng goth to bed in hast, and Mary goth into an old logge wythowt pe gate" [emphasis mine].
dk Nrvrende udbudsbekendtgrelse og det samlede udbudsmateriale rekvireres ved at logge p ovennvnte hjemmeside ved gratis at oprette en bruger og sge efter nrvrende udbud via TN406487, hvor materialet kan downloades fra offentliggrelse af nrvrende udbudsbekendtgrelse.
He also worked in Arezzo in the Tuscan region, in the acclaimed Logge Vasari restaurant gaining more experience working along established chefs on Tuscan-style dishes.
Die skim van Tantalus in die openingstoneel is 'n logge gestalte wat lyk of dit lank in die water was en die Furie 'n verleidelike jong vrou, skamel geklee.
en realidad un ninfeo de losHorti Liciniani), asi como respecto a secuencias de arcos y soportes conformando toda suerte de logge y lecturas efectuadas sobre ruinas de acueductos romanos, debio quedar literalmente impresionado por obras florentinas de Brunelleschi como la CUPULA y el audaz Portico del Spedale degli Innocenti.
Ten years later, when my mother and I were at Osteria Le Logge in Siena, Italy, we asked for some cheese to drizzle on the olive oil-you know, like at Italiannis.