Logical impossibility

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a condition or statement involving contradiction or absurdity; as, that a thing can be and not be at the same time. See Principle of Contradiction, under Contradiction.

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Although the belief that an organ so perfect as the eye could have been formed by natural selection, is more than enough to stagger any one; yet in the case of any organ, if we know of a long series of gradations in complexity, each good for its possessor, then, under changing conditions of life, there is no logical impossibility in the acquirement of any conceivable degree of perfection through natural selection.
Last but not least, the obvious inability of Muslims to unite, in spite of their claim to be carrying the same banner, cannot but be traced back to the logical impossibility for the faithful to acknowledge the existence of a man (with the single exception of Muhammad, of course, but he is dead) who could unite them by claiming some kind of authorized knowledge of Allah.
Wright, who was born and raised in New Mexico, slyly invokes a famous equation in game theory: "The El Parol Bar problem " demonstrates the logical impossibility of a happy night at the HI Parol Bar in Santa Fe, if everyone shares precisely the same strategy for happiness (the bar will be far too crowded, or empty).
So, if we apprehend 'saying' as a case of reference (according to a very general use of this latter term), the Treatise appears as suggesting that every possible reference is reference ad extra, hetero-reference: Self-reference is, strictly speaking, a logical impossibility or a mere nonsense.
But it is a logical impossibility for all women to marry the same few rich guys.
And yet his practice reveals, a la Cage, the logical impossibility of an artist doing nothing, just as the Minimalist work, in opposition to its negative discourse, reveals the very impossibility of making an artwork that means nothing.
Since the Great Detective is the greatest detective (modesty, and a certain sensitivity to tradition, deter him from taking this as his title, though it is said he did for a time toy with 'Chief Inspector') this would, of course, be a logical impossibility.
However, there is a Maimonidean distinction between physical and logical impossibility that comes into play here.
Regardless, certain glaring inconsistencies between contemporary texts reveal the logical impossibility of ever finding an "original" New Testament.
But race scientists considered assimilation either a logical impossibility or a threat to the "purity" of the white race and painted Chinese immigrants as an "immoral" and "servile" threat to the moral fabric of American society.
If we were to excuse ourselves from doing it, it would be akin to saying we're sorry we exist, which is a logical impossibility. It is the mania of those who cast certitudes to threaten with death those who cast doubts.]