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n. Logic
Either of two values (true or false) assigned to a proposition depending on whether it is true or false.


(Logic) logic
a. either of the values, true or false, that may be taken by a statement
b. by analogy, any of the values that a semantic theory may accord to a statement


the truth or falsehood of a logical proposition within a given set of conditions.


n (Logic) → Wahrheitswert m
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Ahmed Zahran, CEO of KarmSolar, said that the company sells electricity directly to consumers with high consumption as well as the private sector, easily and without complications, especially as it provided contracts for the supply of electricity produced from solar power plants at a fair and logical value, as he put it.
This race is always a fearfully difficult handicap from a punting perspective, but Ballyalton ticks an awful lot of boxes and offers logical value in a wide-open renewal.
Here, the clock signal refers to a PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) waveform of a logical value of '1' which always starts with a falling edge.
A (1) N (2) Px (3) Px (4) NPx (5) CNPx [alpha] [alpha] N[alpha] N[alpha] N[alpha] Px[alpha] [0.sup.*] [1.sup.*] 0 1 0 1 1/[2.sup.*] 1/[2.sup.*] 1 1 0 1 [1.sup.*] [0.sup.*] 1 0 1 1 One could say that "the logical value of the normative relation is independent of choosing X (one of the terms of the relation!)" (Weinberger 1960: 16-7).
We need to overcome the reptilian brain that for many makes greed seem like a normal, logical value.
A ANN has learned so that the output of networks represents a logical value of the correct classification of the output vector, while all other vectors at the output of ANN are set to a logical 0.
* #500--used to set binary values, where each number is followed by the output logical value, command #500*0*1*1*0 mean that output 0 has log.
A caveat is that data entry programs will not indicate an error so long as the value is a logical value. For example, if a person answered yes/no with a 1, but you entered a 2, then the error would not be detected.
They stand upon precepts of Islam and the world views of Buddha, Confucius and Laotzu--world views resting upon the belief that people are, by nature, good; that equality is a logical value given the infinite connectedness of human life; and that community is what we will perish without.
No other home textile basic represents more of a problem to sift out value features than bath towels, for the reason the larger size explosion eradicates logical value comparisons.
For example, if your company is valued at $1,000,000, a gift of 10% of the company to your children would have a logical value of $100,000.
In other words, the logical value is the value of the last logical write (or the initial value of the logical object if no such write occurs).