n.1.A man who carries logs.
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In a statement Sunday, the Hajj mission said that 9 Sudanese pilgrims have been killed in the stampede including 58 years old Abdalla Adam Abdel-Magid, Fatima Hassan Abu Rass Hassan, 58, Ahmed Hassan Mohamed Hassan, 34, Al-Amin Al-Gailani Al-Amin Banga, 67,Yasser Daffa'allah Ali Balla, 34, Latifa Abdel-Muni'im Mohamed Ali, 48, Mariam Al-Nair Logman Hassan, 65 and Khadiga Ishag Abdallah Idris, 63.
Le ministre de l'interieur, Nejim Gharsalli, a indique, ce jeudi 26 mars 2015, qu'apres le demantelement des cellules des Ansar Chariaa ces dernieres annees, ce sont les Brigades Okba Ben Nafii dont le chef est l'Algerien Hammadi Khaled Chaib, alias Logman Abou Sakher qui ont pris leur place, en recrutant des terroristes et en menant des attentats.
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El ejemplo (4) muestra una definicion general de la palabra punishment obtenida del diccionario Logman Dictionary of Contemporary English, mientras que el ejemplo (5) muestra una definicion especializada extraida del diccionario juridico Oxford Dictionary of Law:
Privatisation and Regulation: A review of the Issues, London, Logman
dagger]) Andrea Logman is an assistant professor of law at the U.
com) and JASON LOGMAN (jlogman@archstoneconsulting.
The big forward was twice floored by blows to the head that left the crowd fuming at the leniency of referee Mr Gerard's punishment of yellow cards for Wes Lewis and Mark Logman.
In the forestry equipment markets Sisu Diesel counts Logman, Nokka and Sampo Rosenlew harvesters as customers as well as Valmet harvesters and skidders.
I love him so much, I can't stand watching it while he's in custody,' Raafat Logman, 23, said as he was shooting pool.