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 (lô′gə-grăm′, lŏg′ə-)
A written symbol representing an entire spoken word without expressing its pronunciation; for example, for 4 read "four" in English, "quattro" in Italian. Also called ideogram, logograph.

log′o·gram·mat′ic (-grə-măt′ĭk) adj.
log′o·gram·mat′i·cal·ly adv.
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(ˈlɒɡəˌɡræm) or


(Linguistics) a single symbol representing an entire morpheme, word, or phrase, as for example the symbol (%) meaning per cent
logogrammatic, logographic, ˌlogoˈgraphical adj
ˌlogogramˈmatically, ˌlogoˈgraphically adv
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(ˈlɔ gəˌgræm, ˈlɒg ə-)

a conventional, abbreviated symbol for a frequently recurring word or phrase, as the symbol & for the word and. Also called log′o•graph` (-ˌgræf, -ˌgrɑf)
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, logograph, grammalogue - A logogram or logograph is the same as a grammalogue, a word represented by a single sign, like $.
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a sign or symbol used to represent a word, as $ for dollar. Also logograph.logographic, adj.
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A symbol used to represent a complete word or phrase. For example, the sign $, for dollar, is a logogram.
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Noun1.logogram - a single written symbol that represents an entire word or phrase without indicating its pronunciation; "7 is a logogram that is pronounced `seven' in English and `nanatsu' in Japanese"
ideogram, ideograph - a graphic character that indicates the meaning of a thing without indicating the sounds used to say it; "Chinese characters are ideograms"
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some signs serve as logograms, representing whole words, while others
Text speak makes use of initializations (recorded in Ancient Greece and Rome), pictograms (most notable in storytelling cave paintings), and logograms (used in Chinese, Japanese, and certain Egyptian hieroglyphs).
A tall order for an ordinary human, but the heptapods are able to construct complex logograms in seconds.
This point of view is based on two observations: (1) due to transparency of the reading system, deep alexia (dyslexia) is not expected to occur in Spanish language reading, unless some logographic reading component were present (for example, when reading highly frequent logograms); furthermore, logographic reading is not required to read Spanish under normal conditions.
(13) My use of mestiz@/Mestiz@ is part of a growing movement in Latinidad to move towards gender inclusivity and to embrace language markers rooted in Indigeneity via codices (typographic logograms) or Nahuatl (Xican@).
Among their topics are the art of mathematics, a mathematician's view of opera and music, the fragility of beauty in mathematics and art, love and tattoos, a life of music not chosen, writing and performing mathematics as metaphor, photography, painting and mathematics, art and civilization, origins of logograms and mathematical intuition, a drifter of dadaist persuasion, conversations with Klaus Roth, salsa and mathematics, and into the woods.
Logograms have served the Chinese since the Bronze Age.
the statute allows paid promotional use of logograms and identification
Weeden has revised his 2007 PhD dissertation at the University of London, which examines how the Hittites used logograms, that is, signs for words--as opposed to signs for syllables--that had been imported with the cuneiform script from Mesopotamia, as a way to illuminate Hittite school practices and their heritage.
Called emblematic poetry, the Victorian writing style combined letters, numbers and logograms. An example is the "Essay to Miss Catharine Jay", or better, "An S A 2 Miss K T J."
But this is no ordinary lesson: the students bent over their books at Kingsford Community School in east London are writing Chinese logograms, and the language they are studying is Mandarin.