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 (lō′gōs′, lŏg′ŏs′)
1. Philosophy
a. In pre-Socratic philosophy, the principle governing the cosmos, the source of this principle, or human reasoning about the cosmos.
b. Among the Sophists, the topics of rational argument or the arguments themselves.
c. In Stoicism, the active, material, rational principle of the cosmos; nous. Identified with God, it is the source of all activity and generation and is the power of reason residing in the human soul.
2. Judaism
a. In biblical Judaism, the word of God, which itself has creative power and is God's medium of communication with the human race.
b. In Hellenistic Judaism, a hypostasis associated with divine wisdom.
3. Christianity In Saint John's Gospel, especially in the prologue (1:1-14), the creative word of God, which is itself God and incarnate in Jesus. Also called Word.

[Greek; see leg- in Indo-European roots.]
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(Philosophy) philosophy reason or the rational principle expressed in words and things, argument, or justification; esp personified as the source of order in the universe
[C16: from Greek: word, reason, discourse, from legein to speak]


(Theology) Christian theol the divine Word; the second person of the Trinity incarnate in the person of Jesus
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(ˈloʊ gɒs, -goʊs, ˈlɒg ɒs)

1. (in Greek philosophy) the rational principle that governs and develops the universe.
2. (in Christian theology) the divine word or reason incarnate in Jesus Christ. John 1:1–14.
[1580–90; < Greek lógos a word, speech, discourse, proportion, ratio, n. derivative of légein to choose, gather, speak; compare lection]
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Noun1.Logos - the divine word of God; the second person in the Trinity (incarnate in Jesus)
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