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(European Myth & Legend) (in German legend) a son of Parzival and knight of the Holy Grail


(ˈloʊ ən grɪn, -ˌgrin)

(in medieval German romances) a knight who rescued a lady in distress and wed her on the condition that she not ask him his name.
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It was only that afternoon that May Welland had let him guess that she "cared" (New York's consecrated phrase of maiden avowal), and already his imagination, leaping ahead of the engagement ring, the betrothal kiss and the march from Lohengrin, pictured her at his side in some scene of old European witchery.
Another CD re-release from a previous operatic LP recording is a thrilling account of Wagner's Lohengrin, set down from a live performance at the Bayreuth Festival on July 30, 1967 (Orfeo).
1850: Franz Liszt conducted the first performance of Wagner's opera Lohengrin.
2016 7:00pm Drama at the Opera Enjoy Lohengrin, the medieval tale of a mysterious knight who rescues a girl falsely accused of murder, under the condition of anonymity.
The work of the great Romantic German composer, poet, librettist, conductor and theatre director, Richard Wagner, a giant in the history of opera, was showcased at the Royal Opera House Muscat (ROHM) in Oman recently to enthusiastic reviews from critics and, more importantly, audiences thrilled by the spectacle of Lohengrin, on stage at what has become the jewel in the sultanate's cultural crown.
I'm also singing Lohengrin, which is pretty much the opposite end--it's hard in a very different way.
The Lawrence Batley Theatre hosted the only UK performance of a new production of Italian composer Salvatore Sciarrino's opera, Lohengrin.
It's definitely changed days" German composer Richard Wagner wrote the Bridal Chorus in 1851 and it features in his opera Lohengrin.
In contrast, of the thirteen operas by Wagner, we know of only nine documents for two operas, namely Lohengrin and Tannhauser, to be among the primary sources cataloged by us so far.
And it is drawing classical aficionados to such landmark cities as Leipzig and Dresden as well to the idyllic countryside of Saxony where in Graupa he created one of his most beloved classics: Lohengrin.
Individual papers discuss such matters as nuclear response within a new microscopic multi-phonon approach, information on neutron-rich nuclei from fission X-rays, current experimental developments for s-process nucleosynthesis, fission fragment studies at the mass separator Lohengrin by gamma-ray spectrometry, a gas jet target for radioactive ion beam experiments, and a transition-centric approach to nuclear level scheme determination.
A finales del otono de 1875, cuando todavia formaba parte de la compania de la Opera de Dresde, tuve la buena fortuna de asistir a todos los ensayos que necesitaban los estudios y una nueva escenificacion de Lohengrin y Tannhauser, y estaba tanto mas interesado en ello en cuanto que mi proyecto de encargarme yo mismo de la direccion de un teatro parecia deber realizarse en un futuro proximo.