Loiseleuria procumbens

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Noun1.Loiseleuria procumbens - creeping mat-forming evergreen shrub of high mountain regions of northern hemisphere grown for its rose-pink flowers
genus Loiseleuria, Loiseleuria - one species: alpine azalea
bush, shrub - a low woody perennial plant usually having several major stems
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We found positive selections for Graminaceae, Juncaceae and Cyperaceae ([W.sub.m] = 2.10; [W.sub.inf] = 1.96; [W.sub.sup] = 2.24), Alnus viridis ([W.sub.m] = 4.72; [W.sub.inf] = 1.54; [W.sub.sup] = 9.08) and Loiseleuria procumbens ([W.sub.m] = 4.66; [W.sub.inf] = 1.87; [W.sub.sup] = 10.26).
Large spots display bare mineral soil, interspersed with small clones of Loiseleuria procumbens, scattered specimens of Arctostaphylos alpinus, Juncus trifidus, Carex bigelowii, Ranunculus glacialis (temporarily) and fragments of reindeer lichens (Cladina spp.).
Above 900 m in elevation, the grassland-forb-shrub formation is replaced by an alpine vegetation dominated by extensive heath mats of crowberry (Empetrum nigrum), alpine azalea (Loiseleuria procumbens), diapensia (Diapensia lapponica), Kamchatka rhododendron (Rhododendron kamtschaticum), purple heather (Phyllodoce empetriformis), Alaska heather (Cassiope lycopodioides), alpine bearberry (Arctostaphylos alpina), mountain cranberry (Vaccinium vitis idea), bog blueberry (V.
Many Alpine clump-forming plants, such as the Alpine azalea (Loiseleuria procumbens), spread their branches over the soil, forming dense carpets that bear the small flowering shoots and fruit.
Lichen-Hearth Community Red Bearberry [+] [unknown] Alpine Azalea [+] Loiseleuria procumbens (L.) Desv.