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A sexually precocious girl.

[After Lolita, , the heroine of Lolita, a novel by Vladimir Nabokov.]


a sexually precocious young girl
[C20: after the character in Nabokov's novel Lolita (1955)]


(nɪmˈfɛt, ˈnɪm fɪt)

a sexually precocious girl.
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Noun1.Lolita - a sexually precocious young girl
jeune fille, lass, lassie, young girl - a girl or young woman who is unmarried
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Lolita said: "From the moment she could walk she was runing.
com/story/2017/11/20/ryan-lola-zinke-interior-travel-251108) Politico report, documents acquired by the liberal watchdog Western Values Project shed light on the potential misuse of government resources when Lolita traveled with her husband on official business.
The story of the killing of the person called Lolita is a lie and false.
She remembered that the great Lolita was 'unnerved' by the prospect of grinding and twerking (before the term was invented) in front of 'drunken, hooting sailors.
Ja o escandalo de Lolita se encaixa com dificuldade nesse esquema combativo.
What: Moderated by National Executive Lolita Thomas and International Diamond Trey Harris, "Travel by Design" Powered by Paycation Travel is the ultimate wealth and lifestyle training experience series.
A long, meandering road trip westward, final destination Stanford, would be the writer's introduction to the American landscape of motor courts, roadside cafes, National Parks and endless highways that would figure prominently in Lolita.
En los setenta Lolita de la Colina logra la consolidacion con la cancion "Como tu" que interpreto Lupita D'Alessio, en el Festival OTI Internacional y que se convertiria, ipso facto, en un clasico del repertorio sentimental mexicano.
Lolita Palma walks around the people that are chatting or looking at the screens of the stores.
Now Diego is caught in the consequences of his foppish disguise: A woman such as Lolita would not be interested in a weakling.
Lolita is a name of Spanish origin and is the diminutive of Dolores; Dolores Haze being the eponymous character in the famous novel Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov, first published in 1955.
People assume that as a designer I live in New York or California," said Lolita, who moved to Uxbridge more than six years ago.