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 (ə-fē′bə-fĭl′ē-ə, -fēl′yə)
1. Sexual attraction of an adult for postpubescent adolescents.
2. Love of a man for a male youth, idealized in certain societies such as ancient Greece.

[Greek ephēbos, ephebe; see ephebe + -philia.]

e·phe′bo·phile′ (-fīl′) n.


(Psychiatry) the condition of being sexually attracted to adolescents
[C19: from Greek ephēbos young man + -philia]
eˈpheboˌphile n
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Lolita syndromes run rampant through ``American Beauty'' and ``Guinevere,'' familiarity breeds contempt in the Michelle Pfeiffer/Bruce Willis marriage study ``The Story of Us'' and the Melissa Joan Hart high school comedy ``Drive Me Crazy,'' and just knowing that Carmen Electra's starring in something called ``The Mating Habits of Earthbound Humans'' is enough to indicate that romantic dysfunction is alive and thriving.