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n.1.(Min.) A mineral of a color between white and steel-gray, with a metallic luster, and consisting chiefly of arsenic and iron.
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First, Pierre had a couple of flats of massive lollingite matrix pieces, from 3 to 10 cm across, with abundant open seams and vugs lined by microcrystals and fuzzy mammillary coatings of yellow-orange karibibite.
Co-Ni-Fe arsenides are found ubiquitously in such structures in both the western and eastern parts of the boutonniere; the most common species are skutterudite, lollingite and nickeline.
Black aegirine, vuonnemite, serandite, sphalerite, steenstrupine-(Ce) and kapustinite are present in subordinate quantities, accompanied by accessory amounts of nordite-(Ce), ferronordite-(Ce), vitusite-(Ce), phosinaite-(Ce), kazakovite, barytolamprophyllite, mangan-neptunite, chkalovite, thorosteenstrupine, bario-olgite, nalipoite and lollingite.
Finally, sulfides (pyrite, pyrrhotite, lollingite, chalcopyrite, cobaltite, bismuthinite) were deposited.
Other minerals in the deposit are: pyrite, miargyrite, argentian tetrahedrite, gold, lollingite, claudetite and kankite.
A search through the recently computerized X-ray film archive (9-cm Debye-Scherrer camera) at the Mineralogical-Geological Museum in Oslo verifies that antigorite, clinozoisite, hematite, hornblende, hydrozincite, lollingite, nontronite, orthochrysotile, portlandite, and stevensite have also been identified from mines and prospects in the Kongsberg area.
Lollingite has been identified in microscopic blebs and masses in ore from the Second Sovietskiy mine.
Lollingite forms in metamorphosed black shales as independent, monomineralic, nest-shape aggregates to several cm, and rarely over 10 cm in size.
Lollingite occurs at Sapucaia as bladed crystals to several centimeters in length, sometimes in parallel growth, in albite.
reports having five supposed specimens of arsenopyrite prepared for polished section analysis, three of which proved instead to be lollingite.
Sulfides Arsenopyrite Erdite Galena Lollingite Marcasite Pyrite Pyrrhotite Sphalerite
I particularly liked a 10 by 15-cm group with two arsenic masses to 5 cm, associated with lollingite on a quartz matrix.