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A LOLLIPOP man was seriously injured yesterday when he was knocked down by a car as he helped children cross a road.
"He is always smiling and joking and we are fortunate to have such a great lollipop man at the school."
A LOLLIPOP man has died after he was hit by a car as he escorted a parent across the road to pick their child up from school.
He said: "If the council decides to get rid of the lollipop man then it will be putting children in grave danger and I'd worry a youngster would get seriously injured by a bus or car while attempting to cross the road."
LOLLIPOP man Tommy Ormerod has been named Northern Ireland's favourite lollipop person.
The always pleasant lollipop man Cliff crossed me over the road.
A MOTORIST who admitted attacking an elderly lollipop man and soaking him with a water pistol found himself in custody after hurling abuse at a senior judge.
For despite being aged 83 and having beaten skin cancer, plucky Patrick continues to guide kids safely across the road as probably Birmingham's oldest lollipop man.
CHILDREN learnt about road safety from Stan the Lollipop Man and his puppet friends.
Lollipop man Jim Robson is so popular pupils have voted him top of the pops and set up a computer page on the social networking site Facebook in his honour.