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Noun1.Lolo - a Loloish languageLolo - a Loloish language      
Loloish - languages spoken by hill tribes in northern Burma and neighboring areas
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He gave me my Minny when I lost Lolo; and papa is very fond of him: he says Tom has excellent principles.
So I'm going to have to say, "Sorry, I cannot help you." I think it's time to configure a lifestyle for Lolos and Lolas that give them life that's more meaningful than watching Netflix or playing electronic Free Cell with two decks or dedicated mahjong.
Police identified the suspect as Cesar Lolos, 19, who is stationed at the sports section of the mall's department store.
And, eventually, they will pass on these values, experiences, and words of wisdom to their little ones when they become Lolos and Lolas themselves.
The court said it was not within its jurisdiction to examine the legality of the Greek court's decision to issue and execute a European arrest warrant against Theofanis Lolos, and Enviroplan S.A.
Wenatchee Ave., Wenatchee, but it would not hurt the feelings of owners Sarah Travis and Pete Lolos, who opened the craft cocktail bar in December.
The card is a good one, but the Derby, which goes off at 9.45pm in front of the Sky Sports cameras, is clearly the major attraction, and the pounds 25,000 prize can make its way south courtesy of the owner-trained Lolos Joe, who has been a model of consistency through the competition.
May I suggest that these people read "Local Style for Lolos?" It is the best article I've ever read in your magazine because it's blatantly honest.
But this coming Granrents' Day (September 9), it's the family's turn to spoil the spoilers and treat our Lolos and Lolas with all the things they love to do at their favorite happy place ndash SM!
Then we choose a day where we all visit the Home for the Aged and give the lolos and lolas there a Christmas party.
On Monday, defence lawyer Chris Triantafyllides suggested that if the Greek court knew that the offence described by one of the charges had been allegedly committed in Cyprus and Greece, then, based on Greek law, it would not have issued an extradition order for Theofanis Lolos. He argued that one of the charges against Lolos and Enviroplan SA had been withdrawn because the related offence had not been included in the ones for which the order had been issued.
Calls to clinic offices to schedule or reschedule appointments and answer patient questions would be directed through the call center, said Pete Lolos, WVMC's assistant administrator, who has been working on the project in earnest the past six months, though it has been talked about for several years.