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 (lŏm-bär′dō, lŭm-), Guy Albert 1902-1977.
Canadian-born American bandleader remembered for his New Year's Eve performances in New York City.


(lɒmˈbɑr doʊ, lʌm-)
Guy (Albert), 1902–77, U.S. bandleader, born in Canada.
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Fabrizio Lombardo is the one-time head of Miramax's Italy branch and is now being reexamined after the Harvey Weinstein scandal.
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Las tempranas cartas de Antonio Castro Leal a Alfonso Reyes evidenciaban competitividad entre ellos, y los intereses individuales restaban importancia al proyecto colectivo: Vicente Lombardo Toledano y Manuel Gomez Morin buscaban lugar en el gobierno; Teofilo Olea y Leyva y Alberto Vasquez del Mercado, ambos paisanos y amigos de la infancia, se dedicaron a la abogacia; Castro Leal se entrego a las letras y Alfonso Caso a la antropologia.
Calles critico a Vicente Lombardo Toledano por organizarlas y al presidente Lazaro Cardenas por tolerarlas.
Summary: In the wee hours Sunday morning, just after DJ Francesca Lombardo finished her set at an industrial warehouse turned rave site in Sin al-Fil, her Facebook page was buzzing with comments and likes from local electronica aficionados.
Conoci a Vicente Lombardo Toledano de la mano de mi padre, quien sentia admiracion por aquel legendario hombre, parte de la generacion de los Siete Sabios, que supo crear instituciones y deslumbrar a America Latina con su enciclopedica cultura.
Lombardo was employed as a seamstress at Holbrook Shirts in New Britain and had also worked for Stanley Works.
announced that Sam Lombardo has been appointed to the newly created position of National Technical Manager for all PFERD U.
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