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One arm of this body was above the quilt, and the wrist, huge as a rake-handle, was attached, inconceivably it seemed, to the thin, long bone of the arm smooth from the beginning to the middle.
According to reports, when the second autopsy was carried out in 2015 by exhuming Thajudeen's body, the chest plate, trachea (windpipe) and two long bones which had symmetrical fractures were missing.
We described the relation of nutrient foramen to linea aspera in our study###Gumusburun described the total number of nutrient foramina on the long bones but
To study the functional outcome following the use of Titanium Elastic Nailing for the treatment of diaphyseal fractures of long bones in children in the age group between 5 to 16 years.
The growth of children's bones depends on growth plates (physes) situated close to the end of all long bones in the body.
(1) Although it most commonly occurs within the metaphyses of long bones in areas of rapid growth, osteopathia striata may potentially occur in all bones except the clavicles and the skull.
Hamlet, he passes a newly dug grave and picks up a disturbed skull and says,'Alas, poor' After skulls, the long bones of and arms are the most recognisable.
Osteomyelitis is an extremely serious infection in the long bones of the legs and causes severe pain.
The large category consisted of the cranium, mandible, scapulae, and long bones; both the scapulae and long bones had a maximum dimension in the approximate range of 12-16 cm.
[USA] June 20(ANI): An international team of scientists has found that high altitude and the limited available energy can affect the growth of long bones in Himalayan populations.