Long clothes

clothes worn by a young infant, extending below the feet.

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Lor', sir, they always have long clothes, bless their little hearts.
For the Kensington Gardens, you must know, are full of short cuts, familiar to all who play there; and the shortest leads from the baby in long clothes to the little boy of three riding on the fence.
Persons who were not worried about WNV were more likely to report seldom or never using a repellent with DEET, not wearing long clothes, and spending more time outdoors from dusk to dawn on the weekend.
In a study of business travelers to high-risk areas in Africa, only 4% used four recognized methods of prevention, which include long clothes, air conditioning, repellents, insecticides, mosquito nets, and burn coils (J.
A man who tortured and killed a woman's Jack Russell dog using an axe and spade before ramming an eight-ft long clothes line prop down its throat, lost an appeal against conviction and sentence for cruelty.
I take him on a long clothes line which creates chaos.
Yet inside, where two long clothes rails line the length of the shop floor and a chaise longue stretches out seductively to weary shoppers, it becomes clear that Tarts is like stepping into Victoria's own closet.
The strangest thing was that the image of the man dressed in long clothes and riding a bicycle in the dark didn't make me think of West Africa, where I was used to seeing such occurrences in a rural setting.
I have a long clothes line but I have always tied it up.
When we got there we slept under mosquito nets, used anti-mosquito repellant plug-ins in our rooms, wore long clothes and used insect repellant.
For a woman who used to hide her swollen leg under long clothes, that emerging confidence from expressing style was huge.