Long purple

(Bot.) a plant with purple flowers, supposed to be the Orchis mascula.

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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Some lichens lay upon the black rocks; some microscopic plants, rudimentary diatomas, a kind of cells placed between two quartz shells; long purple and scarlet weed, supported on little swimming bladders, which the breaking of the waves brought to the shore.
Monte Cristo, on stepping into the house, heard a sigh that was almost a deep sob; he looked in the direction whence it came, and there under an arbor of Virginia jessamine,* with its thick foliage and beautiful long purple flowers, he saw Mercedes seated, with her head bowed, and weeping bitterly.
But as I was saying," he resumed, as the negro, still ostentatiously pulling on his yellow gloves, betook himself briskly towards the watering-place, a queer music-hall figure against that grey and frosty scene--"as I was saying, I couldn't describe the man very minutely, but he had a flourish and old-fashioned whiskers and moustachios, dark or dyed, as in the pictures of foreign financiers, round his neck was wrapped a long purple scarf that thrashed out in the wind as he walked.
In the middle of it was seen a magnificent palace of colored marble, on the balcony of which, every noontide, appeared Cilix, in a long purple robe, and with a jeweled crown upon his head; for the inhabitants, when they found out that he was a king's son, had considered him the fittest of all men to be a king himself.
She wore a white T-shirt, which she paired with a cool cropped jacket and a stylish long purple skirt.
Camilla sported a long purple velvet coat with button detail down the front of the garment and puff shoulders similar to Her Majesty's. The 92-year-old monarch sported a button-down jacket with a matching skirt.
In 2006, we planted lots of different eggplants: 'Swallow,' a long, thin purple-black hybrid; 'Violetta Lunga,' an open-pollinated (OP) long purple eggplant; 'Listada de Gandia,' a purple--and-white-striped, egg-shaped fruit; the black, egg-shaped 'Early Black Egg'; 'Black Beauty,' with its dark-purple egg shape; and, for the first time, 'Nadia,' a large, purple-black, teardrop-shaped fruit.
Kerry, mum to Molly, 17, Lilly, 15, Heidi, 11, Max, ten, and four-year-old Dylan-Jorge, recently opted for a long purple ponytail.
As the long purple coneflower season winds down, the black-eyed Susans take over.
I went for a lovely long purple number with a few sparkles which fits in with the Arabian Nights colour scheme.
The air is sweetly perfumed with the fragrance of buddlejas, and the butterflies are waltzing around their long purple blooms.
BUDDLEJA 'LOCHINCH' - BUTTERFLY BUSH The air is sweetly perfumed with the fragrance of buddlejas, and the butterflies are waltzing around their long purple blooms.