Long roll

(Mil.) a prolonged roll of the drums, as the signal of an attack by the enemy, and for the troops to arrange themselves in line.

See also: Roll

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
References in classic literature ?
It spoke to us in a language of its own; and with a pathos more tender than any words might bring, its mute eloquence swept down the long roll of the centuries with its tale of a vacant chair, a familiar footstep missed from the threshold, a pleasant voice gone from the chorus, a vanished form!--a tale which is always so new to us, so startling, so terrible, so benumbing to the senses, and behold how threadbare and old it is!
When he was half-way out, the Ghost took a long roll to windward and back again into the hollow between two seas.
What an infinite number of generations, which the mind cannot grasp, must have succeeded each other in the long roll of years!
Excepting one or two men who, each with a long roll of half-crowns, chequered with a few stray sovereigns, in his left hand, staked their money at every roll of the ball with a business-like sedateness which showed that they were used to it, and had been playing all day, and most probably all the day before, there was no very distinctive character about the players, who were chiefly young men, apparently attracted by curiosity, or staking small sums as part of the amusement of the day, with no very great interest in winning or losing.
That's a heavy one," said Jukes, swaying to meet the long roll till his lowered hand touched the planks.
He was standing bareheaded, a long roll of parchment in his hand, behind the arm-chair in which was seated, his body ungracefully doubled up, his knees crossed, his elbow on the table, a very badly accoutred personage.
The shepherd himself, though he had good reason to believe that the bag held nothing but flaxen thread, or else the long rolls of strong linen spun from that thread, was not quite sure that this trade of weaving, indispensable though it was, could be carried on entirely without the help of the Evil One.
The petition had the novelty of being written on a 32-foot long roll of wallpaper and, despite pouring rain, the petition racked up 300 signatures in just 20 minutes.
The sandwich range has expanded with wraps, different types of European breads and the American submarine, in which a long roll is split and may be filled with every conceivable ingredient.
When I see the ashtray, with a long roll up cigarette in it, I know what it is.
When Mila Muksan's two-month old granddaughter died of malnutrition at an evacuation center for victims of the 2013 siege by Moro rebels of the city, her family received a 3-meter long roll of white cloth and P1,000.
The 320-page book features her paintings and other visual works, alongside depictions of her various groundbreaking performances, including Meat Joy, in which the Schneemann and several others cavorted in an enormous pile of sausages, raw fish, and raw chicken in a choreographed ecstatic ritual in 1964, and Interior Scroll, a 1975 piece in which a naked Schneemann unfurled a long roll of paper from inside her vagina while narrating an imaginary conversation with an dismissive and chauvinistic male filmmaker.