Long wall

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(Coal Mining) a working in which the whole seam is removed and the roof allowed to fall in, as the work progresses, except where passages are needed.

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Rouletabille and I had been walking for several minutes, by the side of a long wall bounding the vast property of Monsieur Stangerson and had already come within sight of the entrance gate, when our attention was drawn to an individual who, half bent to the ground, seemed to be so completely absorbed in what he was doing as not to have seen us coming towards him.
He had moved out of college, and was contemplating the Universe, or such portions of it as concerned him, from his comfortable lodgings in Long Wall. He was not concerned with much.
Right across the foot of the hill there had sprung up a long wall of struggling horses and stricken men, which ever grew and heightened as fresh squadrons poured on the attack.
She was just thinking this when she saw that, at the end of the path she was following, there seemed to be a long wall, with ivy growing over it.
"Put your back ag'in this wall," said old Mazey, pointing to the long wall -- pierced at irregular intervals with windows looking out over a courtyard and fish-pond -- which formed the right-hand side of the corridor, as Magdalen now stood.
The sun shone full into the pathway; the light and warmth were very perceptible after the shade thrown by the long wall of poplar trees; the still powerful rays poured a flood of red light over a cottage at the end of the stony track.
Except for the glazed rotunda part its long walls, divided into narrow panels separated by an order of flat pilasters, presented, depicted on a black background and in vivid colours, slender women with butterfly wings and lean youths with narrow birds' wings.
The sky was gold and purple like an autumn sunset, and long walls of brilliant clouds lay round him.
Last week, the Pentagon had approved the transfer of 1.5 billion to build the more than 80 miles (130km) long wall, on US President Donald Trump's behest.
Duplicate this process to form the other long wall of the lid.
This 800-metre long wall of Shahi Qila is a very important structure as it houses works of famous burinists, sculptors and mosaic artists.