a.1.Having the power of retaining the breath for a long time; long-winded.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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His bowing technique is a role-model, fleet in the brief scherzo, and almost supernaturally controlled in long-breathed subdued dynamics which reach into the soul of this regretful farewell to a lost world.
And she realised that"I can be anything." One of the first songs she wrote for the new album was I'm So Sorry, sung in brooding, long-breathed phrases.
The first is episodic and turbulent, beginning with a long-breathed, modal, folk-like tune that's evocative of Eastern Europe or, perhaps, the Middle East.
Enesco's biographer Noel Malcolm said Enesco was awakened to the trumpet's "powers of soft and muted evocative expression," and with unwavering long-breathed phrases and fluttering virtuoso passages Rebecca Robertson gave a major performance of a forgotten masterpiece.
I am not a great fan of James Levine's conducting of Wagner's later operas, his long-breathed, almost reverential approach diluting too much of the drama.
The summit began on Thursday with a round table meeting of ministers, chaired by the summit chairwoman, Irene Natividad, who said "a long-breathed transformation to help women is impossible to achieve without putting together expertise of the business world, politics and the civil society."
Originally for wordless soprano vocalisation with piano accompaniment, Rachmaninov later set it for orchestra; it's lushly textured scoring and long-breathed phrases given full romantic voice in a deeply expressive reading.
Although much evidence in favor of graduated dynamics in Baroque music is presented, one is faintly surprised (this being Neumann) to read that "the polyphonic textures of the middle and late Baroque were neither receptive to, nor in need of, long-breathed swellings and taperings" (p.
Although just a miniature, quite simple in construction and harmonic language, with long-breathed slow phrases, it sounded gorgeous and really left you wanting more.
His relaxed, understated yet compelling conducting style drew from the Choral in O Holy Night the kind of performance you wait years to hear - long-breathed phrases with all accents and commas banished.
Meanwhile, Head of Turkish Red Crescent Tekin Kucukali said the organizations relief efforts in Pakistan would be long-breathed.
Soprano Peggy Kriha Dye properly dominated the cast in the title role with her ability to animate recitatives as well as shape Gluck's long-breathed melodies, with tenor Kresimir Spicer (rather than the usual baritone) overcoming an opening-night cold to make a strongly declarative Oreste and fellow tenor Thomas MacLeay contributing a more subdued Plyade.

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