a.1.(Zool.) Having a long horn or horns; as, a long-horned goat, or cow; having long antennæ, as certain beetles (Longicornia).
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Scarcely had she got fairly into it, however, before the beasts closed in behind her, and she found herself completely imbedded in the moving stream of fierce-eyed, long-horned bullocks.
These remarks are of course confined to the first appearance of the peculiarity, and not to its primary cause, which may have acted on the ovules or male element; in nearly the same manner as in the crossed offspring from a short-horned cow by a long-horned bull, the greater length of horn, though appearing late in life, is clearly due to the male element.
Red cattle, black, white, and yellow cattle; old cattle and young cattle; great bellowing bulls and little calves not an hour born; meek-eyed milch cows and fierce, long-horned Texas steers.
However, I was digging about my plot of vineyard all day long until the sun went down, and I thought, good sir, but I do not know for certain, that I marked a child, whoever the child was, that followed long-horned cattle -- an infant who had a staff and kept walking from side to side: he was driving them backwards way, with their heads toward him.'
a) Chocolate mining bee b) Hairy-footed flower bee c) Long-horned bee d) Blue bumblebee | FOR more bee fun see friendsofthe earth.uk/bees/ bees-fun-facts-andactivities-children
Stay overnight in smart accommodation and dine at the resort's restaurant, where menu highlights include truffles and beef from the region's long-horned Boskarin cattle - along with dishes marinated in beer.
Lukago's masterpiece in this trip is his gigantic long-horned Ankole cow, while Sebandeke presents a mix of works including striking black and white zebra and a semi-abstract ecumenical piece.Sebandeke's zebra and Kampala on easel.
Nearly a century ago, when the Roosevelt expedition penetrated the Tian Shan Mountains in western China, the prize was the long-horned ibex.
Toward that end, Davis tracked the history of some of the world's largest extinct mammals - such as the Columbian mammoth long-horned bison and saber-toothed cats - that once roamed the Earth.
Friday Night Lecture Series Asian long-horned beetle in Worcester County and beyond.
Rare ox clocked One of the rarest mammals on Earth, a long-horned ox called a saola, has been caught on camera in Vietnam for the first time in 15 years, renewing hope for the species' recovery.