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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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With her long-sighted eyes, she knew him at once, and was even aware that he was looking at her.
Suddenly I exclaimed to myself: 'I wonder if he is long-sighted?' I had never seen Larsan write.
Though superficially marked with lines, his face was a clear pink, and his blue eyes had the long-sighted, peaceful expression of eyes seeking the turn of the road, or a distant light through rain, or the darkness of winter.
Whether that species of benevolence which is so very cautious and long-sighted that it is seldom exercised at all, lest its owner should be imposed upon, and so wounded in his self-love, be real charity or a worldly counterfeit, I leave to wiser heads than mine to determine.
My companion was gazing across the room at the specials blackboard, one of the many advantages of long-sight, and had chosen a chicken main course and spiced aubergine soup with red pepper cream to start.
Ultralase in Birmingham provides a wide range of treatments for the correction of short-sight, long-sight and astigmatism, and this new accreditation follows on from the company's recent announcement that it is the first UK provider to dispense completely with surgical blade-assisted treatments.
Unlike older methods, the modern procedure, known as Lasik, produces virtually no post-operative discomfort and, as well as correcting short-sight, can correct long-sight and astigmatism too.
Ultralase provides treatments for the correction of short-sight, long-sight and astigmatism, and is the only national provider to have all its refractive surgeons in the UK accredited by the Royal College of Ophthalmologists.
Short sight and large squints may be detected and distance vision is checked, but this will not detect all levels of long-sight. Also, school checks are not usually carried out by an eyecare professional.
Mohammed, of Long-sight Manchester, told police: "According to law it was not right, according to religion it was right."
Volunteers for the long-sight treatment between 21 and 65 should write with a copy of their most recent eye lens prescription and an SAE to: Excimer Laser Trials, St Thomas's Hospital, Dept of Ophthalmology, London SE1 7EH.