fixed asset

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fixed′ as′set

a long-term asset, as a tract of land.
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The anticipated tender offer is consistent with the company's long-term asset allocation strategy, a strategy that has resulted in the company repurchasing approximately $3.
Credit unions can buy variable rate investments to mitigate the risks associated with rising interest rates, yet see their net long-term asset ratio worsen.
2003a) argue that working capital accruals and long-term asset accruals are both proxies for firm growth.
Fulham held out for a big fee but Freedman thinks Dikgacoi will be a long-term asset - and is now switching his sights to a centre half and a striker.
Ameriprise Financial, Inc (AMP) has announced that it has completed the acquisition of a long-term asset management business of Columbia Management.
He seems a good young manager and I want someone who is going to be a long-term asset.
This theory is basically only a hypothesis which holds that the return on holding a long-term asset to maturity is equal to the expected return on repeated investment in a series of short-term assets if both strategies exhibit the same (systematic) risk in terms of consumption at the maturity date.
When the company decided to release its animated classics to the sell-through market, skeptics thought Disney was sacrificing a long-term asset for a short-term profit.
No rational hospital subject to the ultimate discipline of the capital market will deliberately perpetuate inpatient overcapacity as the time for long-term asset renewal approaches.
and the long-term asset management business of FAF Advisors, Inc.
The multi-asset strategy approach is aimed at long-term asset generation via a broadly diversified portfolio of international equities, bonds, money market securities and/or commodities.
Included in the fourth-quarter results was a $103 million gain ($41 million after tax) from the exchange of the long-term asset management business of FAF Advisors Inc.