n.1.(Zool.) The American redbellied snipe (Macrorhamphus scolopaceus); - called also long-billed dowitcher.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Of herbaceous cover in 2008, about two-thirds was comprised of nonnative herbs such as Italian ryegrass Lolium multiflorum and longbeak stork's bill Erodium botrys (Table 1).
Former Nuttall oak champs, American mountain-ash, dotted and green hawthorns, Canada plum, Kenai birch, and smooth dogwood have been mysteriously listed as 'whereabouts unknown.' Another 15 trees were stripped of their title because they were misidentified (black ash, red buckeye, seaside alder, Fraser fir, Japanese privet, Bonpland willow, black oak, turkey oak), mismeasured (longbeak eucalyptus, eastern redbud, and Utah serviceberry), or too small to be a tree (evergreen sumac, cinnamon clethra, yellow anise-tree, and jumping-bean sapium).
American Forests: In our rounds to reevaluate and remeasure our champions periodically, we recently discovered that our national champion longbeak eucalyptus had been vandalized and is now dead.
Its champs are: Longbeak eucalyptus, 404 pts.; Allthorn, 55 pts.; Florida mayten, 48 pts.
Thirteen other new members of the royal family score in the 400s: silver maple, Arizona sycamore, Pacific madrone, American elm, common hackberry, two longbeak eucalyptus co-champs, and the black, willow, swamp chestnut, Shumard, white, and Texas live oaks.
A third tree, a massive longbeak eucalyptus in Pinal County, Arizona, died after vandals set fire to its trunk (see Vandals Kill Champ, page 16).
Vandals have killed the nation's largest longbeak eucalyptus, a 498-point behemoth in Pinal County, Arizona.
Eucalyptus camaldulensis, Longbeak eucalyptus [DELTA]
95 70 77 184 floridana, 1989 [*] Rock, Ulmus thomasii, 1988 202 117 122 350 September, Ulmus serotina, 1985 105 150 64 271 Siberian, Ulmus pumila, 1997 [delta] 239 95 97 358 Slippery, Ulmus rubra, 1988 [*] 240 100 119 370 Slippery, Ulmus rubra, 1995 [*] 250 100 100 375 Winged, Ulmus alata, 1991 185 97 78 302 ESENBECKIA Berlandier, Esenbeckia berlandieri, 1995 41 24 21 70 EUCALYPTUS Bluegum, Eucalyptus globulus, 461 135 131 629 1998 [delta] Longbeak, Eucalyptus camaldulensis, 342 130 105 498 1995 [delta] FALSE - MASTIC Mastichodendron foetidissimum, 1973 105 118 94 247 FALSEBOX Gyminda latifolia, 1995 10 19 13 32 Flowering, Cornus florida, 1995 [*] Clinton, Sampson Co., N.C.
A longbeak eucalyptus in Pinal County, Arizona, humbled the former champ by 115 points, almost all of them coming from its hefty 28-foot girth.
According to Shire Country Park Friends, a longbeaked, north European wading bird called a snipe migrates here for the winter, too, while the grassland is said to contain everything from spotted toadflax, tansy, yellow rattle, birds foot trefoil and teasel.