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 (lông′bôr′dĭng, lŏng′-)
The act or sport of riding a longboard.

long′board′er n.
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As board-riding gains popularity as a sport, enthusiasts here are organizing the 1st Butuan Downhill Longboarding Competition on August 3 as part of the city's charter day activities.
Qatar Foundation's skate park is a good venue for skateboarding, rollerblading, parkour, BMX, and even longboarding. PICTURES courtesy of Olan Santos.
The 24-year-old Sawyer defeated longboarding legend Kai Sallas of Hawaii in the finals with a score of 16.10 to Sallas' 15.10 to win the US$15,000 first prize.
The RazorX Longboard is electrifying the long-board scene as it amps up the carve-and-cruise action with an innovative, 125-watt, geared, rear wheel-drive motor made to go the distance--and it utilizes a lithium-ion battery to deliver extra zip for your longboarding fun.
Spanning the young professional to the retiree, we provide the right product to attract a clientele to longboarding that would otherwise not skate.
There wasn't a real following for longboarding until about five years ago.
adhered to the group's rules as his public pictures on Facebook while longboarding showed the same.
People are generally more familiar with skateboarding--the kind in the Tony Hawk video game series--than longboarding, Conner says.
Kallio, who is headed to Penn State University to study forensic science, enjoys longboarding, snowboarding and surfing.
The proposed green-composite sandwich system was studied as an environmentally sustainable alternative material for a sports equipment application, namely, longboarding. Longboards consist of a specially designed board, which have the same shape as skateboards but are longer (up to 120 cm).