longitudinal wave

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longitudinal wave

(General Physics) a wave that is propagated in the same direction as the displacement of the transmitting medium. Compare transverse wave
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longitu′dinal wave′

a wave in which the direction of displacement is the same as the direction of propagation, as a sound wave.
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lon·gi·tu·di·nal wave

A wave in which the particles of the medium through which the wave moves vibrate in the same direction as the wave travels. Sound waves are a type of longitudinal waves. See more at wave. Compare transverse wave.
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Using of the operation rot of the both part of (4) together with (1), we obtain a condition for longitudinal electromagnetic wave
Now, substituting solution U from (3) in (4), we find the vector longitudinal electric field of longitudinal electromagnetic wave
We will derive the relevant results using the transfer matrix method and we will apply these results to study the evolution of longitudinal electromagnetic waves across a fiber Bragg grating.

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