n.1.See 2d Loch.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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When it mattered though, it was the home side that excelled, and they put up a terrific fight to come from five down as Roberts lost his accuracy, and Coventry snatched the vital basket at the death to bring a smile to the face of coach Looch Bailey.
NEED TO KNOW Anthony | LOOCH was a guest of Just You (www.justyou.co.uk), which offers a five-day city break to Istanbul from PS849 per person on various set departure dates.
Guest panellists confirmed include Jessica Mellor, Jasmine Dotiwala, Larushka Ivan-Zadeh & Cassam Looch.
More audience participation was encouraged by mind-reading duo Atlas and Looch, who were able to transmit thoughts to one another and correctly identify a range of objects only one of them had seen.
This was often done in fine detail, right down to the date on a [pounds sterling]1 coin, which was then spun while Looch accurately predicted whether it would drop on heads or tails.
NEED TO KNOW | TONY LOOCH travelled with Insight Vacations on a premium 11-day Northern Spain holiday.
"A lot of guys hate Looch,'' Gallagher told o.canada.com this week.
"So according to someone working here, the Emirates AirLine might have problems when its over 30 degree Celsius," (https://twitter.com/cassamlooch/status/228088787920646145) tweeted passenger Cassam Looch .
Indulging in a little Russian luxury, Tony Looch spends a weekend among the dizzyingly grand sights of St Petersburg [bar] T felt strange to sit beneath the gilded ceilings of one of the finest buildings from the glory days of the old Imperial Russia - and ponder the thorny subject of what to order for breakfast.
These days, people call me "Looch." It means little cute one in Italian.
Travel Facts [bar] ANTHONY LOOCH flew Aer Lingus, which goes direct from Gatwick to Vienna with one-way fares from pounds 24.99, including taxes and charges.