loony tunes

loon′y tunes`

adj., n., pl. loony tunes.
Informal. loony.
[1970–75; after Looney Tunes, name of a series of animated cartoons]
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For every episode of Transformers and He-Man, there was a Loony Tunes or a Silly Symphony.
Three cruise ships hired by Madrid are now lying in the harbours of Barcelona and Tarragona, being ridiculed by the Catalans, because of the graffiti-like Loony Tunes decor that one of the ships has been blessed with.
This is a rocket-fuelled psychedelic rollercoaster of cosmic fun that sees Marvel's bickering band of galactic outlaws return in another loony tunes outer-space adventure.
Caley Thistle players have been quick to nickname Dubliner Mulraney after the Loony Tunes character because his speed torments rivals over and over like they're Wile E.
It's another crazy idea out of the town hall loony tunes.
This fundamental dishonesty turns voters off conventional politicians and into the arms of loony tunes like Donald Trump.
Like the ones with cheerios and milk on a cold Sunday morning, while watching Loony Tunes.
Bugs Bunny and Tweety are animated cartoon characters from the Loony Tunes a a successful series of comedy animated short films which Warner Bros.
Depp derives his inspiration from Rolling Stones guitarist, Keith Richards who has a cameo role as Sparrow's father in the film, and the amorous 'French skunk' of Loony Tunes cartoons, Pepe Le Pew.
But for all out loony tunes bigotry, American Muslims can always count on Frank Gaffney's Center for Security Policy for some 1930s style minority-bashing.