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Noun1.Lophius - type genus of family LophiidaeLophius - type genus of family Lophiidae  
fish genus - any of various genus of fish
family Lophiidae, Lophiidae - large-headed marine fishes comprising the anglers
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Fisheries in the northeastern United States such as herring, Clupea harengus; squid, Loligo vulgaris; monkfish, Lophius americanus; cod, Gadus morhua; and other groundfish species are examples of this disconnect.
Microsporidian parasites of the genus Spraguea develop in neuronal cells in the central nervous system of different species of the genus Lophius (1).
Bottom gillnets are also used on the slope for the capture of anglerfish (Lophius gastrophysus) (Perez et al., 2002) and gulf-hake (Urophycis mystacea) (Pio et al., 2012, 2016).
For example, the monkfish, Lophius americanus, fishery off the northeastern United States has ventured to depths of 700 m or more and can frequently capture black dogfish, Centroscyllium fabricii, and various lanternsharks, Etmopterus spp., as bycatch (co-author J.
To understand the biology of microsporidia better, we have begun a genomic analysis of Spraguea lophii, a microsporidian that infects goose-fish (Lophius americanus), an important commercial finfish.
Grey triggerfish Balistes capriscus Jamaica weakfish Cynoscion jamaicensis King weakfish Macrodon ancylodon Largehead hairtail Trichiurus lepturus Monkfish Lophius grastrophysus Pink cusk-eel Genypterus brasiliensis Red porgy Pagrus pagrus Sand flounder Paralichthys isosceles, P.
Abstract--This study was designed to improve our understanding of transitions in the early life history and the distribution, habitat use, and diets for young-of-the-year (YOY) goosefish (Lophius americanus) and, as a result, their role in northeastern U.S.
Spraguea lophii spores were recovered from the central nervous system of the monkfish, Lophius americanus.
In addition to pelagic pair trawl fishing, three vessels fished with bottom trawls during the day for anglerfish, Lophius americanus; squids; silver hake, Merluccius bilinearis; and scup, Stenotomus chrysops.
The largest amount of demersal fish such as Urophycis mystacea, Merluccius hubbsi, Genypterus brasiliensis, Lophius gastrophysus and Lopholatilus villarii and the deep-sea lobster Metanephrops rubellus were captured in areas with local depths from 100 to 250 m.
The diets of four major squid predators, bluefish (Pomatomus saltatrix), goosefish (Lophius americanus), silver hake (Merluccius bilinearis), and summer flounder (Paralichthys dentatus), were examined for seasonal and size-based changes in feeding habits.
The freshwater teleost Hoplias malabarica (1), the marine teleost Lophius americanus (2), and the clown fish, Amphiprion (3) are the only bony fishes reported to have hemoglobins that polymerize.