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Noun1.Lophodytes - a genus of MerginaeLophodytes - a genus of Merginae      
bird genus - a genus of birds
Merginae, subfamily Merginae - mergansers and closely related diving birds
hooded merganser, hooded sheldrake, Lophodytes cucullatus - small North American duck with a high circular crest on the male's head
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clypeata 4 Wood duck ([double dagger]) Aix sponsa 104 Common goldeneye ([section]) Bucephala clangula 18 Canvasback ([section]) Aythya valisinena 19 Hooded merganser ([section]) Lophodytes cucullatus 26 Lesser scaup ([section]) Aythya affinis 1 Redhead ([section]) Aythya americana 223 Ring-necked duck ([section]) Aythya collaris 51 Ruddy duck ([parallel]) Oxyura jamaicensis 2 No.
olor (Gmelin), mute swan I O Dendrocygna bicolor (Vieillot), I R fulvous whistling-duck Histrionicus histrionicus N R (Linnaeus), harlequin duck Lophodytes cucullatus (Linnacus), I O hooded merganser Melanitta fusca (Linnaeus), N R white-winged scoter M.
Key words: axilla, feather folliculoma, neoplasia, basosquamous carcinoma, waterfowl, avian, hooded merganser, Indian runner duck, Lophodytes cucullatus, Anas platyrhynchos