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A nonsedating antihistamine, C22H23ClN2O2, used to treat allergic rhinitis and other allergic disorders.

[(ch)lor(o)- + (az)atadine, antihistamine from which it is derived (probably alteration of azo- + (hep)ta- + -(i)d(e) + -ine).]
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n loratadina
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[8.] McLeod R, Mingo GC, Xu X, Palamanda J, Hunter JC, Jia Y Loratidine and montelukast administered in combination produce decongestion in an experimental feline mode of nasal congestion.
Afrin has discovered that often the worsening is not from the substance itself (loratidine) but from the extra materials ("fillers") mixed in to the capsule or pill.
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Antihistamines, such as Cetirizine, Loratidine or Chlorphenamine, are available in both tablets and liquid form and can be used either as required or on a regular basis.
rofessor Durham says, 'Antihistamines from the chemist, such as Loratidine 10mg (non-drowsy), Cetirizine 10mg (causes occasional drowsiness) and chlorpheniramine, (trade name Piriton, can cause profound drowsiness) are effective for minor symptoms.
Also, lastly if despite best efforts, one develops patches of eczema, reach for an over-the-counter oral antihistamine like loratidine or fexofenadine to reduce any inflammation or itching.
For example, when loratidine switched from prescription-only to OTC status, insurers chose not to cover the drug and as a consequence patients paid more for the drug, because its OTC price was higher than their co-payments for the drug (Freudenheim 2003).
Suitable oral antihistamine-containing products include chlorphenamine, clemstine, acrivastine, azelastine, loratidine and cetirizine.
Studies suggest that cetirizine may work better and faster than Claritin (loratidine)--another antihistamine that is also available without a prescription.
Desloradatine as Clarinex became the brand extension of loratidine known as Claritin.