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Noun1.Lord Macaulay - English historian noted for his history of England (1800-1859)Lord Macaulay - English historian noted for his history of England (1800-1859)
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The dull old letters, which would have turned the heads of the most sober of collectors, were laid upon a table, and, after a moment's pause, Cassandra, looking grave all of a sudden, asked Katharine where she should find the "History of England" by Lord Macaulay. It was downstairs in Mr.
"Damn Lord Macaulay!" cried Cassandra, slapping the book upon the table.
If Lord Macaulay had been alive at the time of Independence he would have found it most disconcerting that his aim to supplant Pharsee with English as the official language with a view to alter the way the Indians thought would eventually lead to disbandment of the British rule itself from India.
The chief justice quoted Lord Macaulay as having once stated that if he got good teachers, he would return a good nation.
During student life, as a spectator, I used to gaze my fellow student leaders chanting slogans 'Lord Macaulay ka nizam e taleem nahi chalny dain gay' and became curious to know who the hell is he.
Since one is scrapped, there is little doubt that closet followers of Britain's 19th century politician Lord Macaulay -- even as they decry secular groups in India as "Macaulay's children" -- will hold on resolutely to the law on sedition as their only safeguard against the "anti-nationals" who, they believe, stalk the land.
Historically speaking, Lord Macaulay was the person who laid the foundation of civil service in India.
The failure of the Indian education system is that it was brought by Lord Macaulay to create cheap English speaking Indian clerks for the British rulers to assist them in their offices.
The countrys polity was based on western democracy, its economy was interest-based while the education system conceived by Lord Macaulay was still in vogue in the country.
Now this will be the second foreign language in a row, English being the first - though it is not strictly "foreign" for at least the urban Indian, who has absorbed and conditioned it since the ingenious British politician Lord Macaulay introduced it in 1835.
10 second review BEST QUOTE: Jack quotes Lord Macaulay's Horatius "And how can man die better than facing fearful odds, for the ashes of his fathers and the temples of his gods."