lord mayor

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Lord Mayor

(Government, Politics & Diplomacy) the mayor in the City of London and in certain other important boroughs and large cities

lord` may′or

(often caps.) (esp. in Britain and the Commonwealth) the mayor of certain cities or the chief municipal officer of certain boroughs.
عُمْدَة مدينَة لندَن
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Lord Mayor

n (Brit) → ˜ Oberbürgermeister m


(meə) , ((American) ˈmeiər) noun
(especially in England, Ireland and the United States) the chief public official of a city, town or borough.
ˈmayoress noun
1. a mayor's wife. The mayor and mayoress attended the dinner.
2. a female mayor. She has just been elected mayoress.
lord mayor
in Britain the mayor of some capital and other cities. The Lord Mayor of London.
References in classic literature ?
The Lord Mayor, in the stronghold of the mighty Mansion House, gave orders to his fifty cooks and butlers to keep Christmas as a Lord Mayor's household should; and even the little tailor, whom he had fined five shillings on the previous Monday for being drunk and bloodthirsty in the streets, stirred up to-morrow's pudding in his garret, while his lean wife and the baby sallied out to buy the beef.
Perhaps the bells might strike up "Turn again Swiveller, Lord Mayor of London.
Ecod, if thot's on'y a Poast Office, I'd loike to see where the Lord Mayor o' Lunnun lives.
prentices might yet become if they had but a master spirit at their head; and then he would darkly, and to the terror of his hearers, hint at certain reckless fellows that he knew of, and at a certain Lion Heart ready to become their captain, who, once afoot, would make the Lord Mayor tremble on his throne.
The outgoing Lord Mayor, David Wood, congratulated his successor and wished him well, while also reflecting on his own year in office.
A new deputy mayor is also installed every year, with a view to becoming the next Lord Mayor, and is awarded an additional civic allowance.
He also briefed The Lord Mayor about the Lahore Knowledge Park and opportunities it offers for universities in Cardiff to set up their overseas campuses at this facility.
50am the Lord Mayor's party will march from the ICC in the following order: Mace, Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress Coun Carl Rice and Mrs Deed Curry, Chaplain The Reverend Victor Van Den Bergh, The Bishop of Birmingham The Right Reverend David Urquhart and then the Heads of Service for the Royal Navy, Army and Royal Air Force.
ry to keep Strokes http:// before saving Remember to numbers: 6px, For thicker strokes Minimum stroke ry to keep Strokes The West Highland Terrier from County Durham and her owner Marie Burns were invited for tea with the Lord Mayor of Newcastle councillor Hazel Stephenson.
Coun Stephenson, who represents Scotswood and Benwell, follows in the footsteps of her late father, Councillor Terry Cooney, who was also Lord Mayor.
It is going to be fantastic to have them assisting me at some of the events around Liverpool during my next few months as Lord Mayor.
But just as the Lord Mayor was about to take his seat, he noticed that one of the prized gems on his civic chain had gone missing.