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 (lôr′ənts), Hendrik Antoon 1853-1928.
Dutch physicist. He shared a 1902 Nobel Prize for his work on electromagnetic theory and the motion of electrons.


(Dutch ˈloːrənts)
(Biography) Hendrik Antoon (ˈhɛndrɪk ˈantoːn). 1853–1928, Dutch physicist: shared the Nobel prize for physics (1902) with Zeeman for their work on electromagnetic theory


(ˈlɔr ənts, -ɛnts, ˈloʊr-)

Hendrik Antoon, 1853–1928, Dutch physicist: Nobel prize 1902.
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Noun1.Lorentz - Dutch physicist noted for work on electromagnetic theory (1853-1928)Lorentz - Dutch physicist noted for work on electromagnetic theory (1853-1928)
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A sure-fire method of constructing a Lorentz-invariant theory is to pick some non-Lorentz invariant theory, and simply to add the rider that any Lorentz boost of a model of the non-Lorentz-invariant theory is a model of the new theory.
The Dutch physicist Hendrik Antoon Lorentz (1853-1928) came to the same conclusions that FitzGerald had come to concerning the shortening of distance with speed (see 1892) but went farther.
government sponsored many serious theatrical productions, Lorentz wrote and produced important informational and educational films.
and European resources, we will bring new benefits to our customers worldwide." said Francis Lorentz, chief operating officer of Groupe Bull and chairman and CEO of Bull S.A.
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being conducted by a partnership between ScanlanKemperBard, Tryba Architects and Lorentz Bruun Construction principals.
Kim and Noz introduce the mathematical tool that Eugene Paul Wigner presented in his 1939 article "On Unitary Representations of the Inhomogeneous Lorentz Group," in the Annals of Mathematics and show how to use it to extend Einstein's special relativity to extended objects like the hydrogen atom or the proton in the quark model.
Chicago Wolves forward Curtis McKenzie, who was suspended for Game 3 of the Calder Cup Finals for fighting Charlotte's Steven Lorentz at the end of Game 2, said he does not regret his actions.
These were all paired with Alsatian wines from the label Gustave Lorentz.
Taken by Dutch explorer H A Lorentz during his 1909-1910 expedition, this photograph shows Papuans paddling in dug-out canoes through what is now the Indonesian portion of New Guinea.
He covers the Lorentz transformations, a bit of philosophy and history, kinematics, dynamics, force and equations of motion, non-inertial frames, covariant formalism, dynamics in covariant notation, curvilinear coordinates, the motions of rods and gyroscopes, quaternions, and velocity space.
Ga'eblle Nayo Ketchanke, three-time silver medallist at the 2015, 2016 and 2018 European Championships with six record breaking results, Romain Imadouchene, who was ranked sixth at the 2017 World Championships, Anthony Coullet, bronze medallist at the 2014 Youth Olympic Games, and Manon Lorentz, who won silver and bronze medals at the 2014 and 2018 European Championships respectively, are just a few of the world class athletes attending the training camp, which will conclude on August 16.