Loreto nuns

Lo`ret´o nuns

1.(R. C. Ch.) Members of a congregation of nuns founded by Mrs. Mary Teresa Ball, near Dublin, Ireland, in 1822, and now spread over Ireland, India, Canada, and the United States. The nuns are called also Ladies of Loreto. They are engaged in teaching girls.
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She joined the Loreto nuns in 1928 and visited Ireland in 1974, where she spent six weeks in Loreto Abbey in Rathfarnham, Dublin, learning English before going to work as a missionary in India.
Eva, who had been taught by Loreto nuns before the family moved from Bray, said her parents made the bizarre choice to send her to a co-ed Protestant school so she could be with her brother.
He was invited by the Loreto nuns. School principal Elaine Troy said: "It was a very healing session.