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1. Any of various primates of the family Lorisidae of sub-Saharan Africa and tropical Asia, having a very short or absent tail, and including the pottos.
2. Any of several small, slow-moving nocturnal members of this family in the genera Loris and Nycticebus of tropical Asia, having dense woolly fur and large eyes.

[French, possibly from obsolete Dutch loeris, simpleton, from loer, from Old French lourt, from Latin lūridus, pale; see lurid.]


n, pl -ris
(Animals) any of several omnivorous nocturnal slow-moving prosimian primates of the family Lorisidae, of S and SE Asia, esp Loris tardigradus (slow loris) and Nycticebus coucang (slender loris), having vestigial digits and no tails
[C18: from French; of uncertain origin]


(ˈlɔr ɪs, ˈloʊr-)

n., pl. -ris•es, -ris.
1. a slender, tailless prosimian primate, Loris tardigradus, of S India and Sri Lanka.
2. either of two similar but stockier prosimians of the genus Nycticebus, of SE Asia.
[1765–75; < New Latin < Dutch loeris simpleton]
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Poachers illegally catch hundreds of wild lorises every year.
Previously only known from jaws and teeth, Donrussellia is thought be one of the earliest members of the primate family tree, on the branch leading to lemurs, lorises and bush babies.
The forerunners of monkeys, apes and humans, also called anthropoids, were then largely replaced in Asia by creatures related to modern lemurs, lorises and tarsiers.
He's in Borneo, where there are orang-utans, sun bears, slow lorises, turtles and gibbons all looking for homes.
Comparative morphological configuration of the cardiac nervous system in lorises and galagos (infraorder Lorisiformes, Strepsirrhini, primates) with evolutionary perspective.
Onkuri's conversation is studded with exotic names like pangolins (a small scaly anteater, apparently) and slow lorises, but her life -- unless she's in the field, training local lawmen -- is mostly spent in offices and meetings.
over its history, the DLC has housed, cared for, and made available for study nearly 4,000 animals across 31 species of non-human primates, including lemurs, lorises, and at one point, tarsiers (together, colloquially referred to as prosimian primates).
Nowadays, YIARI's facility is the world's largest rescue center for slow lorises and the biggest rescue and rehabilitation center for long-, and pig-tailed macaques on Java.
The dealer - a contact of a shopkeeper at the Sharjah Birds and Animals Market - also pitched lion, tiger and cheetah cubs, slow lorises and orangutans.
frontanyensis also shares certain characters with extinct asiadapines and extant lemurs and lorises.
A record number of slow lorises have been seized in Indonesia, according to officials.