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Noun1.Lorisidae - slow-moving omnivorous nocturnal primates of tropical Asia; usually tailless
mammal family - a family of mammals
Lemuroidea, suborder Lemuroidea - Lemuridae; Lorisidae; Daubentoniidae; Indriidae; used in some classifications instead of Prosimii; in others considered a subdivision of Prosimii
genus Loris - type genus of the Lorisidae
genus Nycticebus, Nycticebus - a genus of Lorisidae
genus Perodicticus, Perodicticus - a genus of Lorisidae
Arctocebus, genus Arctocebus - a genus of Lorisidae
genus Galago - bush babies
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1974): A review of the Miocene Lorisidae of East Africa.
They are sometimes included as a subfamily within the Lorisidae or Loridae.