Los Angeles

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Los An·ge·les

 (ăn′jə-ləs, -lēz′, ăng′gə-ləs)
Abbr. LA
The largest city of California, in the southern part of the state on the Pacific Ocean. Founded by the Spanish in 1781, it grew in the late 1800s after the coming of the railroad and the discovery of oil, and became the center of the US film industry in the 1920s. Today it is the hub of an extensive metropolitan area.

los Angeles

(Spanish los ˈaŋxeles)
(Biography) See de los Angeles

Los Angeles

(lɒs ˈændʒɪˌliːz)
(Placename) a city in SW California, on the Pacific: the second largest city in the US, having absorbed many adjacent townships; industrial centre and port, with several universities. Pop: 3 819 951 (2003 est). Abbreviation: LA

Los An•ge•les

(lɔs ˈæn dʒə ləs, lɒs)
a seaport in SW California: second largest city in the U.S. 3,553,638; with suburbs 6,997,000.
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Noun1.Los Angeles - a city in southern CaliforniaLos Angeles - a city in southern California; motion picture capital of the world; most populous city of California and second largest in the United States
Calif., California, Golden State, CA - a state in the western United States on the Pacific; the 3rd largest state; known for earthquakes
Catalina Island, Santa Catalina - an island resort in the Pacific off the southwestern coast of California
Los Angeles
Лос Анџелес
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The line of communication between Los Angeles and Lower California had broken down.
A sailor brought them to Los Angeles and I gave him nine tickets to the circus for them."
This cannot be doubted, as Daylight himself knew, it was by the merest chance, when in Los Angeles, that he heard the tuna were running strong at Santa Catalina, and went over to the island instead of returning directly to San Francisco as he had planned.
So when Rose Douglas got that way Charley packed her off to visit her sister in Los Angeles. She got perfectly well and came home just when the Fiske revival was in full swing.
Californians, as a rule, are familiar with ju-jutsu, and I especially had made a study of it for several years, both at school and in the gym of the Los Angeles Athletic Club, while recently I had had, in my employ, a Jap who was a wonder at the art.
They had an off month in Los Angeles, and Captain Roberts got it into his head he was going to make a dog balance a silver dollar on the neck of a champagne bottle.
Built one place at San Diego, the old man has; another at Los Angeles; owns half a dozen railroads, half the lumber on the Pacific slope, and lets his wife spend the money," the Philadelphian went on lazily.
CityLift Parking, a provider of automated parking lift solutions, has received Los Angeles Research Report approval for its most recently completed project in Los Angeles.
Opus Bank (Opus) (NASDAQ: OPB) has said that it has hired a market leader for Los Angeles.
The Los Angeles store will be moved to a larger facility in Calabasas, California.
Development of other community minded features for www.shuttersandblindsla.org are already underway and new user awareness guides from experts are already being added on broken shutter repair, safe window treatment options for households with children and pets, and a shutter guide for Los Angeles homeowners.
Customers will have a chance to win one of 75 round-trip tickets from Los Angeles to London, New Zealand or Australia, as well as other prizes, including Air New Zealand merchandise, promotional discounts on round-trip tickets, and more.

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